AUTHOR: Fani Gargova

Located in the center of the Bulgarian capital, the Sofia Central Synagogue was built in 1905-1909 as the culmination of the decade long effort to ‘modernize’ the city’s Jewish community—in their religious, moral, customary, and social practices. To the ‘progressive’ and assimilated Western European Jewry, it served to demonstrate that Bulgarian Jews had finally overcome their perceived ‘Oriental’ backwardness. Internally, the community leaders hoped that this synagogue could bring together the disparate factions within the Jewish community in a demonstration of unity and patriotism. This effort was particularly vital for the acceptance of the Bulgarian Jews as being ‘truly’ Bulgarian by the majoritarian Christian population of the country. This paper argues that the architecture of the Central Synagogue of Sofia reflects this political agenda of the community leaders in a unique manner and details how it is inscribed into the building’s material, form, choice of style, and overall appearance.


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